Mary Farrell Tobin
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About Mary

Mary is a Mystic, Spiritualist, Author, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, and Conduit for the many aspects of the Divine Mother, the Mystery School Teachings of the Order of Melchizedek, the Daughters of Isis, the Magdalene and the Order of the Blue Rose. 

She offers spiritual consultations guided by the ascended masters, and energy work to aid in the healing and reconnection of the heart and the body of light. She is blessed to have witnessed profound awakening and transformations of the heart through the light and teachings that she transmits.

Mary has been a voice for The Magdalene since 2013 and is now the author of Mary Magdalene’s story: The Magdalene, Temple of the Divine Feminine, published in 2018.

She uses the forums of small group classes, retreats, guided meditations, channeled writing, journeys into nature, grid work, as well as private energy sessions to share the messages and healing energy transmitted through her.

Mary’s Latest Work:

The Magdalene: Temple of the Divine Feminine is the channeled story of Mary Magdalene’s early life as well as her ancient lineage, wisdom and teachings. She has asked Mary Tobin to share this story so that each of us can come to know her. She wishes to be remembered once again as The Magdalene , a powerful and wise priestess , teacher, healer, and companion to her Beloved, Yeshua. Her story shares the significance of Mary Magdalene’s birth to mankind, her childhood and education in Qumran, and her days as a High Priestess of Isis. It follows her travels to Egypt and Greece and the ministry she shared with Yeshua.

In this light-encoded book, The Magdalene brings us the indigo light of wisdom and the seeds of the five petalled rose to allow a blossoming of compassion and unconditional love within our hearts, and to aid each of us in our awakening as Children of the Light. 

The Magdalene Structural Template was awakened through my entrance onto the earth. It is a template of The Divine Mother energies. It enables the new bloodline to be established through the voice of The Magdalene. I am the Magdalene.
— Mary Magdalene