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 The Ascension Development Course

Level One: This is the basis for further teachings regarding ascension development. After taking this course, participants can continue on to further courses.

This course was transmitted to Mary from the Order of Mechilzedek

Mechilzedek was an ancient king and priest, referred to in the Book of Genesis and translated as “King of Righteousness.” He is considered part of a priestly order. In Christianity, Jesus is considered a “priest forever in the Order of Melchizedek.” Melchizedek and The Order of Melchizedek seek to serve mankind in their process of awakening and reconnection to the Christ Self.

The course is modeled after the ancient Egyptian initiatory rites, and has been created to aid in this ascension process. Over the 4-week period of the course, which is in a guided meditation format, there is a purification and reconstruction of the energy pathways, particularly in the heart, allowing a process of reconnection, a return to the original light body and a deeper centering within the physical form.  An activation of dormant crystalline cell structures and DNA occurs to help in the awakening of spiritual gifts and to aid in aligning each person with the new energies present on the earth.

The course elevates you to higher states of consciousness and opens you to become a channel of divine works.

The Order of Melchizedek shares this message with Mary:

“We are beings who travel to the earth to assist mankind in their forward action, that the light of heaven may be more firmly established upon this place, and the heart of Gaia, may be lifted to the high heavens, the place from which she has come. It is a benevolent society, formed for the advancement of mankind.  We await all who would seek us, as we do not interfere in the affairs of men unless called by the heart of the Mother God.

Offering: $140.00

*Requirements: A commitment to the course and its content

You are invited to continue in the Ascension Development Course by joining the Quarterly Classes which meet on the spring equinox,  summer solstice, fall equinox and winter solstice.  Recordings of these classes will be available on this website.

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