Thoth and the Resurrected Form

We gathered this week for the Fall Equinox as part of the Ascension Development Course.

We were joined by the Ascended Master Thoth and instructed on the focus that is required in these discordant times. Who is Thoth? Thoth is the Egyptian God of writing, wisdom, equilibriium and balance, science magic, and art. His name means “ he is like the Ibis” and is often depicted in art with the head of an Ibis. It is said that he was “self-begotten” and master of both the physical and The Divine. He was originally considered a moon god and associated with the measurements and regulation of events and time. It is also said that “Thoth played a crucial role in the design and orientation of many famous pyramids” ( Crystal Links)., and that Thoth was the one who “measured out the heavens and planned the Earth.” (Crystal LInks). If you would like to learn more about Thoth I have included a link at the bottom of this blog.

In our journey Thoth instructed us on his lineage which among others included Quetzlcoatl and Melchizedek. He was firm in his guidance to focus our minds inward, to the heart, to release attachments to the external world. His energies were direct, focused and powerful as he lead us to a pyramid and lead us on the ascent upwards. At the top of the pyramid we stood on a platform to the left, representing the left side of the brain, the masculine side. Our chakras, the spinning wheels of light which create a rainbow bridge to these higher realms, were balanced as the Merkaba , the sacred geometry of light that surrounds us was formed more fully.

When this work was complete we journeyed down the staircase to the inner earth, to the fluid movement of the earth mother as we entered a process of re-birth. We were birthed through the ancient tunnels of the earth mother and placed on the earth once again. The ancient mystery school initiations have always brought initiates through a process of dying to the old, of losing the identity or the ego and then entering into a new life , this process is completed through the hiergamos, the sacred marriage of the feminine and masculine.

As we walk now on this earth in these new bodies of light we are reminded by Thoth “in the times of old many travelled to the pyramids and sacred sites of the world, I say to you now this is no longer necessary, you are the sacred sites, you hold the energies of the pyramids of old, you are the vortexes of light , stand tall in this knowledge and focus ever inward to the energies of love, as in truth there is naught else.”

We are guided to remember that as the light increases both within each of us and on the earth we will see an increase in the reactive states of others, it will become more frequent and eruptive. We must learn to focus our minds eye inwards, always focusing on love and the heart. We have received these teachings many times from the masters, Yeshua, Budha, and more recently, Ghandi and Mother Theresa. We are being asked to live in the world, but to be not of the world, to remove ourselves from our judgment of others, our need to blame or feel justified in our reactions. As we release our own anger through patterns of self awareness and begin to focus inward to the heart energies the rage around us can no longer gain entrance in and trigger us, we are no longer in a reactive state but a neutral one.

I have included a link to this Fall Equinox recording with Thoth, it can also be found on the Online Courses page under The Ascension Development Course. I invite each of you to listen and to begin again. and to walk tall and strong as you hold these energies of love and light for the world.

Love and Peace


Mary Tobin