Mary Farrell Tobin
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The Magdalene Teachings

A Self Study

This course is lead by “The Magdalene.” Mary Magdalene presented herself to Mary in 2013 and asked her to share these teachings through a series of transmissions, which have formed into The Magdalene Teachings - A Self Study.

The Magdalene wishes to empower each of us by helping us to see clearly the masks that we wear that obscure our true identity, our true nature. In this series of six classes she guides us to look deep within ourselves as she awakens our cellular memory and ancestral lineage to clear negative and limited belief systems. The Magdalene brings us to the reflection pool where we can gaze steadily and see the reflection of our own beauty. We journey from our embryonic state through the childhood and teenage years into a empowered Child of Light, loved unconditionally as the mother and father within us are joined together in harmony.  The Magdalene invites in her Beloved, Yeshua, and John the Baptist to aid us on our journey of transformation, which she calls “The Grail Work”.

The Magdalene Teachings are presented in the formats of journeying and guided meditation and uses the tools of journaling and self-reflection.

The course’s purpose is to help each person to come to know his or her true divine self, to awaken the Inner Christ Child within.

It is a channeled course for those who have completed the introductory 4 week Development Course.  The course meets once a month for 90 minutes in groups of 12.

Offering: $210.00 / 6-Week Course

Class Length is 90 Minutes

Past Recordings coming soon for remote participants.