The Mystery School Teachings

The mystery schools have been present on the earth since ancient times, but can be historically traced to over 3000 years ago, to the days of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Their purpose has been to aid mankind in the process of self -evolution, to help each of us to come to know our true divine self through self study and through the study of nature and the universe around us.

“Throughout time the Mystery Schools Chief objective was to teach the doctrine of one God (Creator), the resurrection of man to eternal life, the dignity of the human soul, and to lead the people to see the shadow of the deity in the beauty, magnificence and splendor of the universe” (Robert McCoy, 33rd degree Mason, author of General History of Freemasonry)

The teachings, initiations, and ancient healing techniques within the mystery schools are considered to be part of the inner mysteries, and have been protected by the initiates and masters of these mysteries schools through oral traditions, the language of hermetics, which is the symbolic language of The Divine in communication with The Soul.

Initiates to the mystery schools are those who reveal themselves to have a true heart, and who seek service to the light of The Divine.

Some of the ancient mystery schools include The Order of Melchizedek, The Essenes, The Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, The Pythagorean School, The Druids, The Gnostics, and The Daughters of Isis.


The Divine Feminine

You are invited to join Mary Tobin, to come to know the teachings of The Magdalene once again, and to receive the seeds of The Blue Rose, the flower of compassion and wisdom.


The Ascension Development Course

This course was transmitted to Mary from the Ascended Masters of The Order of Mechelzidek. It is modeled after the ancient Egyptian initiatory rites, to aid in the ascension process.


The Magdalene Teachings

This is a 6 month self-study with Mary Magdalene to heal the wounds of the Inner Child and to awaken The Child of Light.